Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movin' On Up!

The Cycle City Kids got a new shop to play in on Saturday! Exciting stuff for the enterprising Fox family. The new shops digs are pretty swank and offers an environment that I really don't think any shop in the KC area can rival. The super open space, classy coffee nook and fitting area really add to something different in the way of bike shop layouts.

In a way it is disappointing to see the flagship store disassembled. Mainly because while I know I probably could muster up the gumption to do a keg stand of Oktoberfest at most any bike shop, it just will never feel like it did at the old store. On the plus side I did score that super plush love seat that I'm sure all of the northlanders sweaty lycra clad backsides have rested on after a ride or two.

The bum part of the week: My body is wrecked, today was my second emergency room visit in the last month (for completely unrelated things.) Which officially makes me a whiny little girl, but at least I can say that I have been to the emergency room 4 times in my life so at least I have rationed well throughout my years.

Here's how I picture this conversation with my body:
Me: Hey body! So I'm gonna treat you real well, slow down on the drinkin', quit the tobaccco gig, train smart, eat healthy. Ya know? Sounds good right?
My Body: HAHA! And in return I will completely screw over your life for almost an entire month by leaving you in excruciating pain with several different illnesses!

The upside of the bum part: I was diagnosed with pleurisy, which feels like a cracked rib but surprise! It's just the outer layer of the lung tissue swelling up so much that it presses unbearably hard against the chest cavity. Which means I should be back in form for the Bone Bender and also means I left the ER with a prescription for HYDROCODONE! I don't know how many of y'all have gotten the chance to experience this stuff but it's out of this world in the pain killer realm. I'm talking so good that I'm gonna be hard pressed not to add doctor/pharmacist on to the list of qualifications for the future Mrs. Slater just so I can have this stuff on tap when my bods on the fritz.

So here's to swank bike shops, tatterred couches, pain and the pills that dull that damn pain.

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  1. Turns out somebody slipped that stupid fake xmas tree into my coffee table. I was so pissed.