Friday, February 27, 2009

Creature of Culture

Wow, that was fast, Friday is here again and I find myself incredibly swamped with work but not quite motivated enough to do any of it due to this cursed afternoon of supposed relaxation. 

So to celebrate the beginning of this weekend I have decided to dig into the "Slater Special Reserve" list. The list is comprised of the utmost finest wines from only the most sought after collections throughout the world. Past bottles that have made the list include such timeless classics as the 2006 Yellowtail Rose, 2008 Foxhorn Merlot, 2005 Three Little Penguins reserve blends and of course California's own Nathanson Creek. 

This afternoon I have chosen to open a bottle of 2006 Gru; an Italian red that unapologetically refuses to let itself be categorized, blend or otherwise. It's advertised as being a montepulciano grape spiced red, but it's flavor lends itself to an exquisite taste that I feel is best embodied in the Dave Chapelle skit "Purple Drank." Wherein instead of describing one's drink as grape juice it is solely categorized as the product of water/sugar/purple. Gru does indeed lend itself to the same palette pleasing incarnation of drank but in an even more delightful mixture: water/booze/red. 

Now you may be asking why I have broken out such classy accoutrements seeing as it is a relatively droll afternoon, but I have big plans this evening... Tonight is the opening night of the Universities production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" and I managed to score tickets to this sold out production. It's billed as being aimed at the same audience as the A&E channels "Mad Men" but I have a hard time believing anything done in musical form can take on the brazen, booze brandishing, womanizing, idyllic era that every male wishes they could pilot a time-machine to (at least for a day or two), but I'll give anything a shot. 

So here's to private reserve lists, black comedians and university theatre.  

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