Sunday, March 22, 2009

Race Report #1

What the *&$K kind of bike blog is this!?! The first gear review was about rock climbing shoes and the first race report is about 
running? Makes no sense... 

Somewhere between waiting for my laundry to dry at my parents house and realizing that I had tennis shoes on my feet I got the grand idea of kicking off my spring break with the 31st Annual Westport St. Patrick's Day Run. I really haven't tested my fitness baseline against anyone else this year and also haven't competitively run against anyone for the past 7 or 8 years, so I figured running with 3,100 other people for 4.5ish miles seemed like a great way to determine just what kind of shape I was in. 

Overall I have no idea how I finished. Apparently scoring and entering data for 3000+ people is a task that takes longer than a week (even with a scoring chip...?) I do know that if I want to continue doing this whole running gig I need to start figuring out how to pace myself a little bit since I am pretty sure I was not supposed to have both a high 8 and a low 6 mile in the same race. All in all I finished worse than I wanted to but better than I would have settled for.

So here's to sport, feet and new kinds of hurt. 

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