Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rabbit in Repose

What a bum deal John Updike is dead. I won't wax poetically about what a tragedy it is to lose such a great American author but I will say a few things since I have been on an Updike kick for the last few months.

This cat really made me believe that there is room in the American canon left to fill, he churned out the good stuff until the day he died and created some immense characters. 

After re-reading every essay that I have been assigned to write on Updike (the whole two of them) I discovered that I loathed reading him my freshman year of college which is odd because I have always thought that I dug this cat. My essay on A&P was essentially a seven page flogging of Updike for writing something about nothing. And I am thoroughly convinced that I never actually read Rabbit Run but plucked a few reviews off the internet, paraphrased and turned it in... again disappointing because in my head I had thoroughly appreciated this book.

The NYTimes made this a front page gig along with dedicating more than ample column width in his tribute this morning which I really dig since the NYT rarely does that kind of coverage over an old dead white guy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

There's No Fun Like Snow Fun

So I was going to wait for Waller to get all of his pictures uploaded to the internet before I wrote this since he has arguably the best and or most pictures from the trip, but since he moves at the speed of smell I figured I would just go ahead and get this thing done.

To cap off the excitement filled winter break I packed into a car with 6 other kids and headed west to play skis. Kelsey Miller was kind enough to provide all of us poor college kids with a swank Suburban to travel in as well as her families amazing house in Frisco.

The first day of the trip the gang went our separate ways with the Miller girls and one of their significant others heading to Copper while Waller, Schroeder, Kayla and I met up with Jeff's local buddy Noah at Breckenridge. All I have to say about Breck is that I will be back. Every run I made felt fresh and exciting whether it was well above or well within my abilities. The whole mountain is essentially a traverse and I really dig that kind of skiing. But apparently I'm the only one who felt that way...

The next day we made our way to Copper as our big traveling 7 person circus of ski/snowboarders. Copper was super vertical and got into my head big time. Now I normally have no problem being way too elevated for my own good but something about this resort made me feel extremely small and things that were well within my ability ended up being avoided after the first half of the day while I cruised some blue groomers.

Some other notable things about the weekend of skis were the food, drink and entertainment. Johnny G. and Sara Miller accompanied us on our journey and made sure that the aforementioned were all above par as they played in the kitchen so our forlorn ski-shot bodies had good solid nutrients every night. (We'll wait for Waller to upload some amazing foodie pictures, all the others are at way too low of a resolution.)

Just like every weekend Jefferson, Waller and I made our pilgrimage to a local public house to imbibe in some ale. Unlike every weekend we walked into Cecilia's in downtown Breckenridge (Kayla eventually showed up after a trip back to the condo to retrieve her ID). I've been to Cecilia's once before in the summertime and when I had last visited it was a locals bar filled with liftees, restaurant workers and the longboards that got them there. An establishment where one could forego cover if they showed a valid local ID or had an eye-patch sharpied on by the drunken doorman... a drinkers bar.

Appparently things change during high season. Cecilia's was stuffed to the brim with the young and snowbound. No more pool tables or personal space. Just wall to wall kids, giant flatscreens playing snowboard flicks and three separate bars each with it's own flavour ( one equipped with go-go dancers!). The tall-boys were taller, the music better, the girls blonder and the atmosphere superb. To cap off the evening we were allowed to enjoy the company of a bus-full of miscreants traveling back to their vacation shelters between Breck and Frisco.

All in all the weekend was a smashing success with some great friends, skis, food and fun. There's no fun like snow fun.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Blog!

So I'm done talking about it and have officially created a blog.

Stay tuned, I'm off to do something that is worth blogging about...