Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blogging Used To Be Easy

Blogging used to be easy, blogging used to be fun, I used to look up to bloggers. My whit and wisdom seems to have faded over the years. I don't know if it's a sign of the times "blogging isn't cool anymore," or if it's a sign of myself being an adult with shit to do. Last years Vegas essay was the last decent thing I wrote and that was still a ripoff of Thompson.

I used to be able to sit down once a week with a cheap bottle of wine and too loud of a Dylan album in the background and crank out something meaningful and somewhat witty (in my mind). Maybe working full time and having bills kills that... but dammit I still have booze and the same Dylan albums. I feel like I still have some things to say and I feel like I still feel like I say them better than some other outlets...

Onto the mediocrity... I guess I have been riding and racing my bike some. I can say I did mediocre in some local XC races and mean it. Most people read Steve Tilford's whiny ass blog about doing mediocre (top 10) in pro races and take it for what it is. But I have actually been sticking my neck on the line in some unknown races with unknown courses and coming out mediocre (in Cat 2). And I have some good stories about it, most notably last weekend.

God damnit, I wrote 2 paragraphs about my racing and guess what, it's not interesting. Long story short, I've been racing bikes and not racing bikes well. Nothing to really report on that front. However I did have a great weekend. I skipped racing on Saturday to lay by the pool (I didn't find it necessary to drive 1.5 hours to race 12 miles) and it was good and relaxing. Sunday I hiked to Columbine lake in winter park, which is in my humble opinion, the best place in the world. I rode Breckenridge on Monday with an old college buddy and rode in Golden on Tuesday with some teammates. The end on that front... Things that I am starting to consider mundane that most people save up for all year to experience on vacation.. lame.

Has anyone heard of national novel writing month? It's in November and I guess I've been working on something for it. I feel like I need some way out of the blogosphere and nothing is knocking on my door. I guess I've been mumbling and note taking about a book for a solid 7 or 8 years now, Neta made me aware of it but by no means didn't push me towards it. She's working on her own gig for the month and the things she shares with me about it makes me feel like she has an Orwellian bond. Seeing things before they are fathomable, maybe that's her curse for working at an establishment that has it's chin up to the political agendas day to day. Sometimes I'm jealous of her education and mindset until I remember that I have the exact some one.

Regardless I feel like there's no reason not to take the bull by the horns. I hear Kindle let's you self publish so maybe something will come of it. Maybe not.

So let's hope I see everyone on the other side.

Cheers to the uninspired blog reader.