Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kanza on my Mind

Dirty Kanza is all I have been able to think about for almost a month now. The thing is it shouldn't be. I've done this race before... unsuccessfully, albeit I know what's ahead. I've been doting over things that would have never even crossed my mind during attempts 1-3. Maybe that is a good thing, maybe I'm putting too much stock into this. Regardless it's in my head hard and I have enough race experience to know that it needs to get out and I need to settle before I toe the line in 2 months.

I think my biggest concern is my utter lack of gravel miles. I've been putting down big miles just fine but the gravel is lacking. I have maybe been on 5 gravel rides since I left Kansas 2 years ago. I know that it won't be a huge factor come race day, I'm anything but new to gravel and I know what it will do to my body. In all reality I ride enough fire road on the mtb to account for the true midwest gravel I am lacking, but it's still concerning.

I think my second biggest concern is my bike. I still don't have a dk rig built yet. I have the parts but they aren't assembled. Hopefully that will all be remedied this week. I have "officially" decided on tires. I'm going to roll on Michelin Muds. They are skinnier and less resistant than what the majority recommends, but I've done half the race twice on 30c mich tires with minimal flats. My attitude towards this race has always been "run what ya brung and go have fun," I need to keep that attitude but be better prepared in the legs department this time around.

Anywho, I know most people left reading have done this race so I thought some of you might be able to relate. I'm sitting around in compression the rest of the night in preparation to roll long and hard tomorrow. I just need to get this damn cx bike assembled and get off the Tarmac.

Here's to midwest gravel dreams.