Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holy Road Bikes!

Before the pain set in.

I rode to and from the Perry Dam Race with this group of fast kids today. For some reason I thought that 4+ hours on a road bike wasn't going to leave me in a world of hurt but I definitely made it home from my 70 mile jaunt just barely hanging on to my sanity.

The way out group.

Sirs Giles and Waller towed me for a lap around the lake while we waited for the fast kids/kids with $ to finish racing so we could ride home. All I have to say about those two characters is that they both earned their gentleman badges today. The Giles and Waller duo towed me back to the group while I flailed and whined trying to catch up after the main group rolled through the stop sign without waiting for us three (don't worry main group guys we didn't expect you to worry about anyone but yourselves, that wouldn't be the true roadie spirit.)

In conclusion, I still don't find road riding incredibly enjoyable compared to other things that I could be doing on my bike. Although I do understand that it is a necessary evil that I am going to have to spend more time at to get ready for the epic gravel racing that's about to heat up around these parts.

So here's to pain, skinny tires and the true roadie way.

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  1. You did get one statement right, "I still don't find road riding incredibly enjoyable compared to other things". Like sticking your hand into the garbage disposal.
    Lake Wilson this weekend. Big Al can stop the rain, you just gotta believe.