Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Own Personal Rapha Continental

I got up way too early this morning listening to the jackhammers tearing up my parking lot and watching the dog run around like a crazed beast barking at them for making too much noise. I'm not riding with the team guys for another hour so I've been sitting here in a post morning dog run but still pre-caffeinated (completely) watching the Rapha Continental Videos on my AppleTV.

I was thinking to myself that these guys are essentially making a living capturing a type of memory that most of us have from seeing the world a top a bicycle. I'm jealous from that standpoint but it got me thinking about what my Rapha Video would contain and came up with a short highlight list in my head, there's dozens more I'm sure but these always stick out.

- Jumping head first off the Clinton Lake dock during KU Friday fun Rides
- Relaxing in the campus fountain post the aforementioned rides
- Pushing through peanut butter mud attempting to cross some old farm bridge on the first Bundy Hundy
- Cresting Texaco Hill during every single Dirty Kanza attempt
- The first time riding down the switchbacks of Lookout Mountain
- Seeing 50mph for the first time on an unmarked 4wheeler trail aboard my first 29er high above Hot Sulphur Springs with a dense pine forest to one side and a sheer drop on the other
- Stopping at Oskar Blues mid epic out in Lyons for some views and brews

Alright, time to start airing up the tires to go make some more memories.