Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things To Blog About

I've been gone for awhile. I'm back-ish. I don't have a computer so it's hard to blog (my mac blew up in a glorious ball of flame about a month ago).

Anyway, I feel like at times I have may let the blog get a little too personal. That was the main reason "Kansas City" was deleted. It wasn't anything that shouldn't have been read by the people it was meant for, just not something that was meant for the blogosphere and could have been edited better. For the record nothing bad was ever said about anyone, it was just too long of a diatribe that wasn't needed.

The thing is, I want this blog to be personal. The few of you who read this know the day to day grind and I am glad you do, but... for 2012 I want it to be more activity oriented. Races, experiences, days on the mountain, that kind of thing.

So here is my 2012 promise to you who are left reading. It will be filled with hard mtb races, road races that I finished poorly at, cx races that I dominated, 5ks that Neta and I finished together, huge whippers taken off sport cliffs, epic powder days with great friends and general grumblings about how much my legs hurt after a 14er.

So here's to you that still have this on RSS or whatever google uses to update you. I'm here and thanks for reading.