Friday, December 11, 2009

Boss to the Cross Numero 4

Boss Cross wrapped up last Sunday. Jeremy Haynes and Joe Fox showed once again that they put on a pretty rad race. I ponied up my monies to line up with the 3/4 racers for what will be my last race until the sun starts shining and I get to race real knobbies on real dirt. I pretty much just spent the entire race bobbin' around in the back of the race trying to save my energy for the epic 3 hour course tare down that Josh Stamper and Zach Dubas undertook. Early on in the first few laps I battled it out with 3 other dudes but by lap three I just kinda gave into my own head and refused to ride at anything even remotely close to an anaerobic threshold. Racing is hard and I don't have the fitness or mind for it right now, maybe some other time in the future... the course was a lot of fun just to tool around on regardless.

On the plus side the Goats have a bunch of course materials to put on their own rad race this weekend! Reports to follow.

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