Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Year Ever

2009 was quite possibly the very best year for me so far in this journey of my so called “adulthood”, so I thought it deserved a little recap on the blog. I started to do a month-by-month write up but decided nobody needed to be that overloaded with my thoughts. So I made a top 20 list instead. Since most of you readers accompanied me on these journeys just feel free to add “with the greatest people in the world” to the end of your journeys.

1. Went on one of the most epic ski journeys
2. Bad Goat Racing is born.
3. Did my first running race
4. Arkansas trip #1. Oauchita style
5. Hobo’d my brains out by the river
6. Did my first duathalon
7. Arkansas trip #2. Dirty Climbin’ style
- MO trip #1 dirty float trip style
8. Dirty Kanza attempt #3
9. Became a barista
10. Became a bike shop wrench
11. Did a metric crap ton of fishing
12. “Won” the Sunflower State Games sport xc race
13. Bought a motorcycle
14. Started running excessively
15. Placed 4th at RIM (Highest finish in an endurance event)
16. MO trip #2, dirty Osceola craggin’ style
17. AR trip #3 Sam’s Throne, Cave Creek climbin’ style
18. AR trip #4 Horseshoe Canyon style
19. AR trip #5 HCR Fall Break epic
20. Eh, cyclocross

That would be a total of 8 successful adventuring trips, holy ballstastic. This list doesn’t even begin to account for half of the reasons why this year was so great but at least it’s a start. Adding in all of the nights out on the town, Pattersnap parties, graduation weekend, time spent on the bike or at the rock wall would probably put this entry out of the realm of readability. But I think there is definitely one last thing worth mentioning, none of these whimsical epics would have been even a fraction as much fun as they were without having some of the “greatest people in the world” in my friend group. Yeah that was kinda sentimental, eff off you hoboin’ dirtbags (that should even out the emotions scale). I think the readership would agree on that point seeing as a large chunk of us (or those still left) will be spending yet another New Years together tonight, I’m pretty sure that makes three in a row and I’m pretty sure each of those years has continually seen more adventuring than the last.

Y’all adventurin’ dirtbags make these epics epic and worth reading about so here’s to you and let’s get 2010 epictastically and officically opened with some gnar sendage, huckage, general Bad Goatin’.

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