Thursday, January 2, 2014

CX Nationals

What does everyone think about CX Nationals this year? I love Behind the Barriers TV but I am a staunch believer that I could do a much better job than Colt McElWhatsit. Does anyone else agree with me that he is bad at reviewing pedals (I've never seen TJ... or myself for that matter miss a clip on a 540) and can we also agree that Michelin makes the best tires for CX racing ever… that's not a debate right?

Every CX racer needs 2 sets of tires, a Jet and a Mud… and that's it. I've been doing this for 15 damn years and I have never needed more. If you can't corner in the dry on that supple, magical Michelin sidewall than I feel bad for you. They are beyond magical, better than most companies tubulars that I have ridden. I loveeeeeee Jets. I own every iteration of Jet ever made and they are better than your file tread tubular, as long as you don't weigh 200 lbs. I do harken back to a simpler time when Michelin made green rubber and I do believe that magical compound rolled faster than the current iteration of it's line, but I am a sucker for nostalgia.

Okay so let's talk about how I am going to make BTB this year? Tuxedo? Bear suit? Greenman Costume? Who knows. I really believe that Josh Patterson should just let me interview everyone for CX nationals, I will work for free… you know I have always been that excited about it.

Okay now let's talk about my nationals predictions (or the correct amount of my knowledge).

1: Powers: This is a no brainer. I would never slot anyone else
2: TJ: I've seen him beat Powers and it makes me sad every time but he has found his form this year… again. The man is a consummate pro, he might as well be Lance the way he can work a crowd professionally. I loved him on Saturn, I loved him on a Poprad but he will not take down Powers.
3: Page: Is he even coming to this race? If he does he will make the podium, not well though. Is everyone else excited for Powers to race in Belgium next year? It will make for better American fanfare.
4: This is my wild card slot: I have Driscoll here, only because I like Driscoll. He is my 2nd favorite bike rider behind Powers, Driscoll and Powers may as well be my college buddies who got fast. We all kind of look like them but never gained the dedication (mainly due to beer and pizza) to advance beyond the ranks of what we do. But in all reality I can see Summerhill right here if the course is dry, McDonald here if the course is sloppy or Berden here is there is no UCI drug checkpoint after the race (ouch).
5: Trebon: I'm giving him a slot. I don't like the man, mainly because I don't know him and he has never taken a minute to get to know me. This is his race to lose and I know it will be a head game over Powers, just like Boulder cup was. I am guessing he starts strong and makes a terrible mistake (a la 2007) to let the real riders win. He is great and can absolutely take me to school but personality makes a rock star. And you sir have none of it.

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