Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Coupla' Days

First and foremost: I have no pictures for you, my droid keeps telling me that my SD card can't be read. It will read it when I take the battery off and restart it but only for a few minutes. So the ol' point and shoot looks like it needs to get dusted off.

Speaking of point and shoot, I just got off my Epic and holy balls I am more impressed with that bike every time I ride it. I ended up setting the rear shock against Spec's recommendation and just put body weight in it. Running it in "full soft" mode at all times and the brain works tremendously well without the normal on again off again nature of the brain in it's stock setting. Anywho, I got in a stellar ride at Mt. Falcon Park. I was 5 minutes off my personal best time up the 3 mile climb at the beginning of the ride, and for my first time back to the park since the trails closed I am happy with that. We had to be pushing mid-high 30mph speeds on the rocket ride down as every waterbar air-out ended me up way farther down the trail than I remember last year.

There's a huge rock garden at about the halfway point that has a solid line down the outside and a more technical "airy" line on the inside. I opted for the inside line at way too fast of a speed, made it about halfway through looking like I was riding a bucking bronco on steroids and had one of the most glorious tube blowouts of my life. I've never heard a tube just go that fast on me, it wasn't the normal slow pinch. And I still had way too much speed and half a rock garden left. It was hairy but I made it through somehow, fast tube change and I continued on with my stupidity the rest of the way down.

Anyways, didn't go to MOAB last weekend. Things fell through but the weather looked like crap so maybe it was for the best. Ended up skiing a great blue bird day in Vail and hitting 100,000 vertical feet for the season. Followed it up Sunday with a good hike with Neta and too much Mexican food on a rooftop patio in Morrison.

BTW: got a new Dirty Kanza bike unboxed yesterday. It's gonna be sick, look for an update soon.

Here's to keeping the rubber side down.

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